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Learned a lot today!

As you may or may not know, I am a BIG Sherlock fan. I love Sherlock Holmes and started to learn the science of deduction. Yes, it is real. I can read a person really quick. Trust me, I have scared people with it. At least three, I was able to tell them there life story. It is pretty cool. To the point, there has only been one kid that I have not been able to “read” as I call it. He knows I am. He knows how to block his emotions, he only lets me read what he wants me to read about him.

Multiple times I have tried to get him to tell me how he does it in exchange for what I know. But he kept on denying it. Well, today he taught me how to block what people think of me and how to have your emotions under control. It was amazing. So if I ever get depressed, I just block it. It is pretty cool.

Woot! Out of depression!

This is my first day in a few months that I am actually not depressed! So I will keep you up to date about it!

What Depression is:

  • A consistent headache
  • Always something in you’re head, from thoughts to voice to memories.

And today, I don’t have it! I could hear stuff without pain. Without a headache. Without noises, It is pretty cool.

School life…

Well, I am not a fan of homework.I haven’t done homework in a long time. But now I must do it. I need to pass my freshman year because next year I could choose what I want to learn about. I want to learn STEM (Science and Technology something, something…). Anyways, they are going to be doing app development (which I am really excited for!). So that is just a little update. See you all soon!

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